The King is Dead...long live the King

Seems an eternity since I last wrote a blog. 6 months or more. Been a while I guess. A lot has happened though, and I think this is as good a time as any to get stuff off my chest, and let you all know what is next for IWG Customs...Get comfy, grab a drink 'cos here we go!

So everything was all rosy. We were having a GREAT year. Events were great, people were great. Even had these 2 rascals below getting our custom merch to wear

Yes, don't adjust your phone/computer/tablet .... that is Rick Cosnett from The Flash and Olivia Cooke from Ready Player One wearing OUR custom designs. AND NO I didn't have to pay them or Photoshop them for all the doubters. Google the pics if you REALLY need to! Pretty damn cool for a small 1 man business. Needless to say, 2018 was shaping up to be a very fun year for me.

Oh yeh, I also got engaged :)

Fast forward to December. Xmas rush had started early (again). Orders coming out of my years, plus the immensely popular Wales Comic Con (which we love!). Busy busy busy. Can't remember the exact amount of orders but it was something crazy, well over the 200 mark in a couple of weeks. Working till silly o'clock in the morning, but all worthwhile. These are the sacrifices you make when you work for yourself. In some ways it's like having a baby. No set hours, little sleep and constantly worrying that you are doing your best.

Babies are much harder work for all the mum's & dad's out there :)